Fast Reliable Water Testing – used World Wide by Individuals & Businesses

Our Drinking Water Tests Kits are a revolution in water testing. They are easy-to-use, affordable, fast and they provide accurate results at home, in the field, in remote areas or on-site. No need to send away a water sample and wait weeks for the results. Our water test kits are reliable and give complete peace of mind.

Water Quality Test Kits for Domestic, On-Site & Field Use

Find out how safe your water is. Our water test kits and digital water testers contain a range of quick & reliable tests to give you a wide overview of the water quality with a simple, dip, wait and read application. Test strips include pH Water Testing, Total Chlorine, Free Chlorine, Hardness, Salt, Copper, Iron, Mercury, Metals, Bromine, plus other parameters and Pool Test Kits . Results can be viewed on the spot against the provided colormetric. All our water test kits and digital water testers are designed to give lab quality results with convenience, accuracy and speed, without the requirment for special equipment or training. Find out which water test kit is right for you.

Water Quality Testing Laboratory for Domestic, Service & Business Use

We work with a UKAS (in accordance with ISO 17025) accredited laboratory for microbiological* analysis. This unique facility provides a quick, accurate and accredited analysis service for water. Arranging a laboratory analysis is very easy and our service includes everything required to carry out this analysis. Find out which water lab test is right for you. *The laboratory has been accredited by UKAS for bacteria analysis of potable as well as water from spa & pool.

Legionella & Bacteria Water Testers

Reliable self testing for Legionella providing on the spot results. Breakthrough technology from Hydrosense for the rapid detection of legionella – Get accurate on-site results in approx. 35 minutes.

Coliform bacteria are a commonly used bacterial indicator of sanitary quality of water. Use the easy-to-use and reliable test kits to test water for bacteria.


UK’s No.1 pH test kits – used by 1000’s of customers each month

Easily test the pH of your saliva & urine every day to track your progress on the alkaline diet! Our pH test strips are the fastest, most accurate, and easy-to-use pH indicating products that you can use to test urine and saliva pH.

Body & Urine Tests

Discover the pH of your urine or saliva with our super accurate pH test strips. Or test a range of parameters with a simple dip test in urine with immediate results. Used and recommended by professionals. High accuracy and individual results for each parameter to international increments. Our disposable breathalyser is ideal for self checking your alcohol level before driving, including UK, France, Germany and Poland.


Choosing The Right Water Testing Kit

Which Water Testing Kit?

There are two options to choose from depending on your requirement.

1) For the occasional user, our simple to use Dip-Wait-Read Test Strips ideal

2) For someone who carries out water tests almost daily, these practical and precise digital water testers are perfect

Our water test kits are available asAll-in-One Water Testing KitsWater Test Kits for a single contaminantPool test kits or Digital Water Test Kits for a single & multiple tests: Find out which water test kit is right for you

Legionella Water Tests

Legionella is a bacteria, which can cause a pneumonia-like disease called “Legionnaires’ Disease”. Legionnaires’ Disease is fatal in approximately 10% of people infected. Infection occurs when the bacteria is inhaled from aerosols of contaminated water. Click here to find out more about Successful Legionella Testing.

We are the Premium Hydrosense Legionella distributor, click here for the Hydrosense Legionella tests.

How to understand the results of your water test

This simple guide lets you compare your drinking water test results to the recommended water quality standards. For more info on maximum test levels click here.

Got a question about which water test kit you need? Contact us here

pH Test Strips for Urine & Saliva

Why do a pH test? Simple really – it’s a quick and easy way to see how alkaline or acid you are. Many believe, the more acid in the body the weaker it will perform.

Want to Test Your pH? If you are looking to find really good test strips – we would recommend our pH test strips as they are very sensitive and provide a very accurate reading. Used by thousands world wide, they are also recommended by practitioners, nutritionists and chemists.

Open Water Swimming test kits

We offer water testing kits for lakes, streams and rivers. When swimming in open water there is always a greater risk of infection or illness caused by microorganisms. We recommend regular water quality monitoring and testing of a few key elements to help minimise this risk.

River Testing Kits

Our River Water Testing Kits are recommended for fisheries, angling clubs, charities which monitor the quality of fresh water as well as farmland with ponds & rivers.

Sea Water Testing Kits

Our Sea Water Laboratory Tests are ideal to test sea water used for swimming and other recreational and water sports activities in line with regulations & guidelines.

As seen on the national news, SimplexHealth has been supporting with the Freshwater Biological Association (FBA) and Lancaster University on the Big Windermere Survey. SimplexHealth work with several charities and action groups, analysing rivers, lakes and sea water.

If you have a river or lake testing project you would like us to get involved in, please let us know

Trade Pricing & Private Labeling

If you require any of our test strips/ test kits either individually packed or in a different combination for promotional campaigns or similar, then please don’t hesitate to contact us as we have a lot of different tests available and a variety of packaging options too. We also offer trade discounts for businesses who wish to stock and resell our quality test kits. Please contact us, to discuss the options available.

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