Which Water Laboratory Test?

Using a laboratory test to determine elements in water gives very detailed results, often in 0.00 mg/l (ppm) or µg/l. We have created a range of laboratory test kits which are designed to test water for various purposes. The 27inOne can be used to determine the overall potability of a water supply; it can be used for well, ground, tap & borehole water. The 12inOne Well and the 12inOne Tap Water tests are ideal to check for the most common elements in tap as well as well & ground water. The Water Suite 11inOne can be used to check any water source for a wide range of elements and is the laboratory-equivalent to our Complete Water Quality Test 12-in-One. Individual tests can be added to these kits, for our full range of laboratory tests click here.

We have also put together kits to test for metals, each testing for the metals most likely found in tap or well water.

Looking for the right laboratory test? Use the table below to compare the various laboratory water kits.

We also offer a wide range of tests for individual elements – for the full range of laboratory test kits click here

  Suite 27inOne Suite 11inOne Suite 7inOne 12inOne-Well 12inOne – Tap Metals 12inOne Metals 10inOne Tap Metals 10inOne Well
Price for 1 kit £290.00 £180.00 £110.00 £190.00 £190.00 £160.00 £150.00 £150.00
Alkalinity x x x   x      
Arsenic       x   x x x
Coliform Bacteria/E.coli x x   x x      
Boron           x x x
Cadmium           x x x
Chloride x   x x x      
Free Chlorine x x     x      
Total Chlorine x x     x      
Chromium           x x x
Copper x x     x x x x
Conductivity x   x          
Fluoride       x        
Hardness x x x x x      
Hydrogen Sulfide   x            
Iron   x   x   x   x
Lead x       x x x x
Magnesium x     x   x   x
Manganese x     x   x   x
Mercury       x   x x x
Nickel           x x  
Nitrate x x   x x      
Nitrite         x      
pH x x x x x      
Selenium             x  
Sulphate   x   x x      
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)     x          
Zinc x         x x  
Others Aluminium, Ammonia, Calcium, COD, Colour, Nitrogen Dioxide, Odour, Turbidity, TVC, Potassium, Sodium              
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For the full range of laboratory tests click here.

How to determine which tests I need for my water:

  • Water contains a wide range of elements. They are not necessarily harmful, but may become a contaminant or a nuisance at higher levels. To view a list of elements typically found in water, click here.
  • There are a wide range of regulatory parameters which are monitored to ensure drinking water quality. We have created a list of key elements/contaminants which are monitored by the Drinking Water Guidelines and their maximum contaminant value, click here to find out more.

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There are strict standards for the quality of drinking water within Europe mainly laid down in the EU Drinking Water Directive (98/83/EC). These are based on advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO).