As part of a landlords risk assessment making sure a property is free from hazards and safe for tenants should be a top priority. If you are renting out a property, as the landlord you are responsible for checking the water systems are safe. One of the ways you can do this is by completing a water test from an accredited laboratory.

Below are the key water lab tests for landlords. Other lab tests suitable for landlords and testing drinking water include bacteria tests and chemicals tests.

We work with UKAS, ISO 17025 / BS17025 accredited laboratories*. Arranging a laboratory analysis is very easy and our service includes everything required to carry out this analysis:

Changes to the Repairing Standard in Scotland require landlords to ensure that from 1 March 2024 the water supply in their private rented properties is free of lead.

UKAS approved water testing follows strict guidelines in terms of storage, test procedure and evaluation of results – giving peace of mind for every test result. Some companies might offer expedited results, but these might not comply with UKAS guidelines. (*Laboratory is accredited by UKAS for lead analysis, bacteria analysis of potable as well as water from spa & pool.)

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