Digital Water Testers

These great digital Photometers ensure accuracy and quality water testing in 3 easy steps: 1. Fill the cell with water sample, 2. Dip the reagent/test strip into it, 3. The photometer will display the result within seconds

  • Cost-effective solution for everyone testing water regularly
  • Great alternative to test strips giving very accurate results
  • Can test for elements, which traditional test strips may not be able test for, like Aluminium
  • Using Bluetooth connectivity results can be transferred to a smart device allowing easy & independent recording

Choose from different models:

The eXact iDip – tests more than 30 different elements. Test results are downloaded onto smart phone or pad. Includes photometer, cleaning brush,  six test strips each including pH, Free Chlorine, Combined Chlorine and Total Alkalinity and access to app for these four tests. Over 25 further tests are available.

The eXact Micro 20 Bluetooth – test modules for more than 30 different elements are preloaded to the photometer, makes testing reliably and accurately. Using Bluetooth connectivity, results can be downloaded to a smart device. Based on your testing requirement, choose between the following options:

The eXact® LeadQuick Photometer for Lead in Water – the expert device for regular testing of lead in water.

Specialist photometers available include: eXact EZ Photometer Chlorine+, eXact EZ Photometer Pool & Spa, PoolLab 1.0eXact iDip Smart Brew, eXact iDip 570 Pond & Aquarium fresh & marine water.

Not sure which Digital Water Tester is the right one for you? Compare our range here.