Hydrosense Pro Legionella Test Kit

Hydrosense Legionella Tests are very fast for detecting Legionella. They use Lateral Flow Immunochromatographic Assay (LFICA) technology, exactly the same used in COVID and pregnancy tests – giving quick, accurate and reliable results.

The Hydrosense Legionella Tests are an easy-to-use, on-site test solution for water and biofilms, that detect Legionella pneumophila sg1 antigen (see One Ultra Range) or sg1-15 (see Pro Ultra Range). All it takes is approx. 10 minutes to conduct the test process and 25 minutes wait for the results.

Hydrosense Legionella

Hydrosense Legionella Water Test Kits offer very sensitive detection limits of 100 CFU/L for the water test and 200 CFU per swabbed area for the swab test. A perfect choice for high-risk industries or in countries where there are stricter Legionella action levels.

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Hydrosense ONE Ultra Legionella Water Test: This test can be used on water samples from any source to detect Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 (LpSG1). The unique Hydrosense filter, included in the kit, captures any Legionella present in the sample as the water is pushed through it. This is then extracted from the filter into a solution which is dropped onto the test strip.

Hydrosense Pro Ultra Rapid Legionella Water Test. Reliable and rapid self testing of water samples from any source. This  new product is just as easy-to-use and accurate as the ONE Ultra but now detects all Legionella pneumophila serogroups 1-15.

Hydrosense Pro Ultra Legionella Swab Test: Biofilms are the slimy substance that can be found inside pipework or on surfaces like shower heads, water tanks or pools. If Legionella is present, there is a strong chance it will reside in biofilm. Now detects all Legionella pneumophila serogroups 1-15.

Hydrosense ONE Ultra Legionella Industrial Kit: If there is a need to repeat test a single water outlet in high-risk areas like commercial, healthcare and hospitality buildings with large water systems, this test kit would be the ideal choice. The test detects Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 (LpSG1). It includes 5 tests for water sampling and the Hydrosense filter technology is delivered using the plumbing fitting adaptor (US 1/2 inch NPT and 3/4 inch BPT fittings). Simply attach the adaptor and leave it in place ready for future testing.

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