Virus Surface Area Swab Testing

Keep your home or workplace safe with an effective way to know if  COVID-19 or Norovirus are present in your home or workplace.

The swabs can be used on any surfaces with a focus on high touch points where the risk is greatest. If the swabs yield a negative result, you can be confident that your workplace is clear of COVID-19 or Norovirus. If the swab test yields a positive result, this confirms that the infectious virus was on the surface sampled indicating that someone with the virus was in that area.

How does it work? We provide simple swab kit. You swab key high touch areas or others you consider to be high risk for  virus exposure. You return used swabs to us for analysis.

How long does it take? Results in 24 hrs from receipt of swabs.

What will my results mean? The results show whether COVID-19 or Norovirus was present on the swabbed surfaces at the time of the test. If the result is positive, you can put mitigation strategies in place.

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