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eXact® iDip® Photometer Smart Pool Digital Water TestereXact® iDip® Photometer Smart Pool Digital Water TestereXact® iDip® Photometer Smart Digital Water TestereXact iDip® Photometer – smart digital water testingeXact iDip® Photometer – smart digital water testingeXact iDip® Photometer – smart digital water testingeXact iDip Photometer Digital Water Tester Pool Starter Kit

eXact iDip Photometer Pool Starter Kit

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The perfect Starter kit for Pool Water testing, including salt water pools. This full featured kit includes everything needed to test Pool Water quickly and reliably.

The latest technology in digital water testing allows customers to transfer their water testing results straight to a smart device, like an iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod Touch®, Android® using a personalised app. From there they can be stored, emailed and categorised by location or customers.

Ideal for customers, who test the water in their pool/ swimming pool/ hot tub regularly and want to keep the results in a chart

--> The iDip® photometer will test your water and download the results for you, results include date, time and location - saving repetitive data entries

The new and exciting eXact  iDip® photometer harnesses the power of smart devices and the simplicity of design to efficiently handle regular and complex water testing. The smart phone app is designed to work seamlessly with the waterproofed handheld unit with parameter information, data storage and GPS tracking included. Results are quickly available and exact. The eXact  iDip® photometer is manufactured using the highest quality standards, capable of running over 35 water quality tests, uses simple AAA batteries.

To carry a test, you need:

  • To download & install each test from the app-store from £4.95 each (prices do vary depending on exchange rates). This is a one-off cost, once a test has been downloaded onto your smart device from the app-store it can be used indefinitely. The photometer comes with 4 tests pre-installed including pH, DPD-1 Free Chlorine, DPD-3 Combined Chlorine and Total Alkalinity.
  • To purchase the reagent/test strips for that test, for details please see table below.

New tests are constantly developed - making this a testing device which can grow with your needs and requirements. It also makes it very efficient, as the user only pays for what he actually uses.



To view full instructions click here.


  • Innovative – Only handheld photometer to communicate with a smartphone
  • Customise – Only download the tests you want
  • Location – First handheld photometer system that’s GPS enabled - saving time when inputting data
  • Instant - documented results that can be e-mailed or exported via CSV file (spreadsheet)
  • Save - Results stored in app's history
  • Reliable - Time, Date & GPS location stamp results
  • Send & Share - instant results - share & email via CSV file (spreadsheet), Twitter and Facebook
  • Waterproof – IP-67 rated and it floats
  • Multi-lingual app in English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Czech, Latvian and Chinese
  • Easy to use - the app includes detailed instructions as well as videos to show how to carry out each test
  • Flexible - each iDip can be connected to more than one smart device - allowing multiple users to use the same machine
  • With auto-calibration so there is no need to regularly calibrate the photometer
  • 2 years manufacturers warranty
  • Simple - Test procedure requires only 4 simple steps:

The simple and quick 20-second testing procedure takes the guesswork out of results. It’s like having a laboratory in the palm of your hand.

Compatible with: Apple iPad®, Apple iPad® Mini, Apple iPhone®, Apple iPod touch®, Android®*

*Please contact for information on specific models or generations. 

The recent upgrade of the eXact iDip® application provides users the ability to determine LSI (Langlier Saturation Index), Magnesium Hardness, RA (Residual Alkalinity), and Sodium without any written calculations. The device will seamlessly interpret data for specific tests collected by the user, calculating the desired values, and quickly displaying the results

Each package contains:

  • eXact® iDip® handheld photometer
  • Standard navy blue plastic carrying case
  • eXact® iDip® cleaning brush
  • Instruction Manual in English*
  • 25 test of each: Total Alkalinity, pH II, Free Chlorine (DPD-1), Combined/Total Chlorine (DPD-3), Calcium Hardness, & Cyanuric Acid II. Further tests are available, please see table below.
  • The app comes with 4 tests pre-installed including pH, DPD-1 Free Chlorine, DPD-3 Combined Chlorine and Total Alkalinity. Further tests can be downloaded via the App-Store from from £4.95 each (prices do vary depending on exchange rates).

*Each product comes with English instructions. Other languages are available on special request, this includes German, French, Spanish and Chinese.

Suitable for: this kit is specially designed for water quality testing of pools, including salt water pools. With so many other tests available, it can also be used for spa, tap water, pond & aquarium, private water supplies (ie. well), food industry, environmental engineering, agriculture, medical cleaning industry (Please note, NOT suitable for cloudy water).

Testing Range: between 1 and 0.01, please see table below

For a complete range of potential testing parameters please see the table below. Reagents for each parameter are to be purchased separately - click here. Please contact us to find out more or ask for other reagents which may not yet be available online.

The eXact® iDip® can also be used to test water samples for:

Reagent Part No. Range In-App purchase* No of Tests per Reagent
Alkalinity, Total 486641 10 - 200ppm Included 100
SPA Alkalinity, Total 486641 10 - 200ppm required 100
Alkalinity, Total Range Extender 486665 each strip adds 130ppm required 100
Bromine, Total (DPD-4) 486644 0.00 - 17ppm required 100
SPA Bromine, Total 486644 0.08 - 17ppm required 100
Chloride (as NaCl) Salt 486757 4 - 335ppm required  25
Chloride, high Range (as NaCl) 486757 80 - 6700ppm required  25
Chlorine Dioxide (with Glycine) 486633 0.00 - 6ppm required 100
Chlorine, Free (DPD-1) 486637 0.00 - 12ppm Included 100
SPA Chlorine, Free (DPD-1) 486637 0.05 - 12ppm required 100
Chlorine, Total, high range 486672 1 - 200ppm required  50
Chlorine, Combined (DPD-3) 486638 0.00 - 12ppm Included 100
Chlorine, Total (DPD-4) 486670 0.00 - 12ppm required 100
Chromium 486614 0.00 - 2ppm required  50
Copper 486632 0.00 - 9ppm required  50
Cyanuric Acid 481652-III 1 - 110ppm required  60
Hydrogen Peroxide 486648 1 - 130ppm required  50
Hydrogen Peroxide High 486676 16 - 4200ppm required 100
Hydrogen Peroxide Low 486616 0.00 - 3.5ppm required  50
Hardness, Calcium (as CaCO3) 486629 3 - 700ppm required  50

SPA Hardness, Calcium (as CACO3)

486629 23-700ppm required 50
Hardness, Calcium (Salt Pools) 486629 20 - 900ppm required 50
Hardness, Calcium (Marine Water) 486629 30 - 1200ppm required 50
Total Hardness (as CaCO3) - high range 486656 90 - 600ppm required  50
Total Hardness (as CaCO3) - low range 486630 1 - 80ppm required 100
Iodine (DPD-1) 486627 0.00 - 21ppm required 100
Metals +2 486604 0 - 1.75ppm required  25
Manganese 486606 0.00 - 2.6ppm required  24
Molybdate 486653 0.00 - 5ppm required  50
Nitrate (as NO3) (Fresh Water) 486655 0.25 - 32ppm required  50
Nitrate (as NO3) (Marine Water) 486655 4 - 100ppm required 50
Nitrite 486623 0.00 - 4ppm required  50
Ozone (DPD-4) 486634 0.00 - 2ppm required 100
Peracetic Acid (DPD-4) low 486674 0.00 - 11ppm required 100
Peracetic Acid 486675 0 - 590ppm required 100
Permanganate (DPD-1) 486626 0.00 - 6ppm required 100
pH 486639-II 6.4 - 8.4ppm Included 100
SPA pH-II 486639-II 6.0 - 8.5ppm required 100
pH Acid 486624 3.5 - 6.2 pH required  50
pH Alkali 486609 7.5 - 10 pH required  50
Phosphate 486814 0.00 - 3ppm required  50
Sodium Bromide 486659 19 - 400ppm required  25
Sulfate (as SO4) 486608 1 - 270ppm required  50
Sulfide (as H2S) 486818 0.11 - 5.3ppm required 50
Turbidity   Coming soon required  
Total Iron 486650 0.00 - 8ppm required 50
Pool Water Refill Box 486211 includes: Alkalinity (486641), pH II (486639-II), free Chlorine (486637), combined/total Chlorine (486638), Calcium Hardness (486629), Cyanuric Acid II (481652-II)
Process Water Refill Box 486214 includes: pH II (486639-II), Free Chlorine (DPD-1) (486637), Total Chlorine (DPD-4) (486670), High Range Chlorine (486672), Middle Range Peroxide (486648), Glycine (484014)
Smart Brew Refill Box 486216 includes: High Range Total Hardness (486656), Calcium Hardness (486629), Total Alkalinity (486641), pH-II (486639-II), Chloride III (486757), Sulfate (486608)
Spa Water Refill Box 486215 includes: Free Chlorine (DPD-1) (486637), Total Bromine (DPD-4) (486644),  Combined/Total Chlorine (DPD-3)(486638), pH II (486639-II), Total Alkalinity (486641), Calcium Hardness (486629)
Tap Water Refill Box 486213 includes: pH II (486639-II), Total Alkalinity (486641), High Range Total Hardness (486656), Free Chlorine (DPD-1) (486637), Total Chlorine (DPD-4) (486670), High Range Chlorine (486672), Metals (486604)
Well Water Water Refill Box 486212 includes: pH II (486639-II), Total Iron (486650), Nitrate (486655), Total Alkalinity (486641) & Total Hardness high range (486656)

The recent upgrade of the eXact iDip® application provides users the ability to determine the beloe calculated tests without any written calculations. The device will seamlessly interpret data for specific tests collected by the user, calculating the desired values, and quickly displaying the results.

  • Chlorine, Combined: Free Chlorine and Total Chlorine
  • Chlorine, Total: Free Chlorine and Combined Chlorine
  • Hardness, Magnesium: Total Hardness and Calcium Hardness
  • LSI (Langlier Saturation Index): pH, Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, TDS and Temperature
  • Residual Alkalinity: Total Alkalinity, Total Hardness and Calcium Hardness
  • Sodium: Chloride, Sulfate, Total Alkalinity, Total Hardness and Calcium Hardness

* This is a one-off cost to download additional in-apps to enable testing for each of these parameters.

Not sure which Digital Water Tester is the right one for you? Compare our range here.

Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 50 NSF is a product testing, inspection & certification organisation (Michigan, USA). Certified products are given an accuracy rating to one of three levels: L1, L2 or L3, with L1 being the highest accuracy rating. The EZ & iDip Photometers have L1 NSF certifications for a variety of test parameters; making them the ONLY meters in their class to achieve that distinction.
Ref: 486101-KP-K Stock Status: 947 Units in Stock Manufactured by: eXact Digital Tester

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