Which Digital Water Tester?

Looking for the right Digital Water Tester? Here are our options:

Digital Water Testers (also called Photometers) are a great way to measure various elements in water fast and accurately. Equipped with the latest technology, they can be connected to a smart device (like iPhone® or Android®) to download test results on the spot. This enables faster and more independent recording of tests. The location of the testing can also be stored using GPS tracking. The eXact iDip®, eXact iDip® 570 and eXact® Micro 20 are able to test a wide range of parameters. We have compiled a complete list of elements in the table below to help you choose the product suitable for your test needs.

To carry out a test with a digital water tester, you need:

  • To purchase the Digital Water Tester of your choice, as well as reagent/test strips for that test, available on our website
  • For eXact iDip® & eXact iDip® 570 only: to download & install each test from the app-store (from £4.95 each) - this is a one-off cost. Once a test has been downloaded onto your smart device from the app-store it can be used indefinitely. Both devices come with 4 tests pre-installed: pH, DPD-1 Free Chlorine, DPD-3 Combined Chlorine and Total Alkalinity

All photometers are also available in ready made kits for different uses, including:

New tests are always added to the photometers, so please check back from time to time or contact us for more details.


eXact® iDip® Smart Digital Water Tester

eXact® iDip® 570 Aquarium & Pond

eXact® Micro 20 Bluetooth

Total Alkalinity yes yes yes
Aluminium     yes
Ammonia   yes yes
Biguanide     yes
Bromine (DPD-4) yes   yes
Calcium (as CaCO3) yes yes yes
Chloride (as NaCl) yes yes (marine water only) yes
Chlorine Dioxide (DPD-1) yes   yes
Chlorine, Free (DPD-1) yes yes yes
Chlorine, high range yes   yes
Chlorine, Combined (DPD-3) yes yes yes
Chlorine, Total (DPD-4) yes yes yes
Chromium (IV) (as CaCO3) yes   yes
Copper (Cu+2) yes yes yes
Cyanide (as CaCO3)     yes
Cyanuric Acid yes   yes
Fluoride (as CaCO3)   yes yes
Hydrogen Peroxide yes   yes
Hydrogen Peroxide, high range yes    
Hydrogen Peroxide, low range yes    
Total Hardness, high range (as CaCO3) yes yes yes
Total Hardness, low range (as CaCO3) yes yes yes
Iodine yes    
Total Iron yes yes yes
Manganese yes   yes
Metals (+2) yes yes  
Molybdate yes   yes
Nitrate (as NO3) yes yes yes
Nitrite (as NO2) yes yes yes
Ozone (DPD-4) yes yes yes
Peracetic Acid, low (DPD-4) yes yes yes
Peracetic Acid yes    
Permanganate (DPD-1) yes yes yes
pH, BT   yes  
pH yes yes yes
Acid pH yes   yes
Alkali pH yes   yes
Phosphate yes yes yes
Quaternary Ammonia     yes
Sodium Bromide, Total (as NaBr) yes    
Sulfate (as SO4) yes   yes
Sulfide (as S2-) yes   yes
Pool Water Refill Box Alkalinity (486641), pH II (486639-II), free Chlorine (486637), combined/total Chlorine (486638), Calcium Hardness (486629), Cyanuric Acid II (481652-II)    
Process Water Refill Box pH II (486639-II), Free Chlorine (DPD-1) (486637), Total Chlorine (DPD-4) (486670), High Range Chlorine (486672), Middle Range Peroxide (486648), Glycine (484014)    
Smart Brew Refill Box High Range Total Hardness (486656), Calcium Hardness (486629), Total Alkalinity (486641), pH-II (486639-II), Chloride III (486757), Sulfate (486608)    
Spa Water Refill Box Free Chlorine (DPD-1) (486637), Bromine (DPD-1) (486636),  Combined/Total Chlorine (DPD-3)(486638), pH II (486639-II), Total Alkalinity (486641), Calcium Hardness (486629)    
Tap Water Refill Box pH II (486639-II), Total Alkalinity (486641), High Range Total Hardness (486656), Free Chlorine (DPD-1) (486637), Total Chlorine (DPD-4) (486670), High Range Chlorine (486672), Metals (486604)    
Well Water Water Refill Box pH II (486639-II), Total Iron (486650), Nitrate (486655), Total Alkalinity (486641) & Total Hardness high range (486656)    
Aquarium Refill Box (fresh water)   pH II (486639-II), Nitrate (486655), Total Alkalinity (486641), Ammonia (486654), Total Hardness high range (486656) & Phosphate (486814)  
Marine Refill Box (salt water)   Total Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, pH-BT (486657), High Range Total Hardness (486656), Nitrate (486655), Ammonia (486654) & Phosphate (486814)