Supergreens from Innerlight

Also known as Robert O. Young’s Green Drink

Innerlight Supergreens – an introduction to this green drink for pH balance

Innerlight’s super concentrated range of products are designed to improve the body’s ph balance and help to create an alkaline environment by supplying vital nutrients the body needs to produce healthy cells and energy.

Core products in the Innerlight range are the powerful, alkalising supplements called Supergreens (Sprouted Greens Powder) and Prime pH drops (also known as pH booster drops) These promote fitness, health, and energy levels!

Looking to purchase Innerlight Alkaline Supplements? These are now discontinued, however we recommend the following alkalising products instead.

Why take Supergreens?

The Alkaline Diet provides a simple and basic understanding of the causes of how acid-alkaline foods affect the body and what causes the body to become out of balance. As with a typical Western Diet largely based around meat, alcohol, sugars, caffeine and daily it is not surprising millions of us have created a strongly acidic environment within our bodies.

The ph level of the bodies affects all areas of the body and by creating a hostile, acid environment it can have negative results such as cancer, heart disease, obesity, weight problems, allergies, fatigue and premature ageing.

Innerlight Supergreens consist of 49 different grasses, vegetables, sprouted grains and leaves, and 125 minerals, amino acids and vitamins. The Supergreens ingredients are super alkalising, and quickly help the body to achieve its optimum ph.

After taking Supergreens, you will feel supercharged and no longer feel the urge to snack or reach for that quick pick me up that will only make your body more acidic.

Supergreens can also help to keep your body illness free, and reduce yeast and toxins in the bodies system.

Designed and promoted by the leading Microscopist Robert .O Young, Supergreens have grown to be a well known alkalising supplement and used by celebrities including Natalie Imbruglia, Judie Kidd and Stu Mittleman (ultra-marathon champion) CLICK HERE TO BUY OUR LATEST GREENS

Supergreens and weight loss

Despite the adverts and promises of quick and easy ways to lose weight. People are not yet aware of the main reasons of why they are overweight. The body needs energy to keep going and many people consume highly acidic pick me ups to keep their energy tiptop. By creating this acidic state in the body cells, blood and tissue, these fast, convenient foods often mean weight gain and affect the production of health energy.

Making the system an alkaline ph balance, the fat inside the body is no longer needed and melts off. This process is assisted by alkaline foods and general exercise. Supergreens is formulated to enhance this acid-alkaline balance in the body and provides essential nutrients to produce healthy cells and boost energy levels. By containing sprouted greens, vegetables and amino acids, vitamins and minerals the Supergreens powder is super concentrated and easy for the body to absorb. CLICK HERE TO BUY OUR LATEST GREENS

Benefits of the Prime pH Drops

A great way to improve the mineral buffers in the body is to drink minerals with your water, this is known as drinking Alkaline Water. The body needs to buffer the acidity from the metabolism of the food. A simple way to enhance this is by alkalising your drinking water with pH drops.

Experience this yourself with Innerlights Prime pH Alkaline Water Drops. Many respected Nutritionists have researched and linked the cause of bone loss to the lack of adequate mineral buffering from food.

Prime pH drops consist of de-mineralised water with 5% Sodium Chlorite. To make the Supergreens super alkalising,  16 drops of the Prime ph is added to one litre of water. CLICK HERE TO BUY OUR LATEST pH Drops

Using Supergreens

Welcome to one of the best Green Drinks for alkalising. Before you jump in and introduce your body to this new food supplement, it is best to take it slowly. Start with small amounts, and build up over time to suit your metabolism and minimising the detoxifying effects of these products. CLICK HERE TO BUY OUR LATEST GREENS