Why test your water & water supply?

There are many reasons why you may want to test the water supply in your home or business. Water can be made up of a wide range of substances or organisms. They are not necessarily harmful, but may become a contaminant or a nuisance at higher levels. Most contaminants in water cannot be detected by smell, taste or sight.

It is recommended to test drinking water when:

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Other useful information:

Water can be tested using single use water test kits, laboratory tests, photometers:

Single Use Water Test Kits:

  • Are easy to use and provide instant results
  • Include full instructions
  • A cost effective way of testing water
  • Available to test a wide range of elements, either as single tests or multi-packs
  • Compare our range of multi-packs test strips here
  • To view the full range of single use tests, please click here

Laboratory Analysis:

  • Ideal when a UKAS approved water test is required
  • Perfect when independent analysis is required, ie. for open water swimming, public pools, Legionella control
  • Delivers very accurate test results
  • Laboratory testing can provide results for elements like pesticides, legionella, bacteria analysis & count, some metals which otherwise are not available
  • Samples are stored and transported temperature controlled
  • Our laboratory analysis includes everything required to carry out the tests, including sample bottles, clear instructions, courier expenses
  • To view the full range of laboratory tests click here
  • Compare our kits designed to test multiple elements here

Photometers / Digital Water Testers:

  • Ideal for users who carry out regular/daily testing – like for pool & spa, aquarium, micro brewery
  • Deliver instant results at very accurate levels
  • Our photometers are easy to use, have 2 year warranty and do not need calibrating
  • Using Bluetooth technology, test results can be downloaded and exported for easy & independent reporting
  • To view the full range of photometers click here
  • Not sure which Digital Water Tester is the right one for you? Compare our range here.


Water testing is ideal for:


Contact us if you are not sure which water testing kit is the right one for you.

Got a question about water testing? Try our complete list of Free Water Testing Resources.

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There are strict standards for the quality of drinking water within Europe mainly laid down in the EU Drinking Water Directive (98/83/EC). These are based on advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO).