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Water Manganese Check 0.02-1.6ppm (24 tests)

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This Manganese Check is an accurate and rapid test strip designed for determining manganese concentrations in water. It offers the user an easy dip-and-read test strip alternative to wet chemical tests. It eliminates interferences from several ions like copper, iron, cobalt, lead, nickel, etc.

Manganese is a naturally occurring metal that is found in many types of rocks. It combines with other substances such as oxygen, sulfur, or chlorine. Manganese can also be combined with carbon to make organic manganese compounds. Common organic manganese compounds include pesticides, such as maneb or mancozeb, and methylcyclopentadienyl manganese tricarbonyl (MMT), a fuel additive in some gasolines.

Manganese is an essential trace element and is necessary for good health. Manganese can be found in several food items, including grains and cereals, and is found in high amounts in other foods, such as tea. Longterm exposure to high levels may lead to mental and emotional disturbances and slow and clumsy body movements (called manganism). New studies also seem to suggest that it may contribute towards Parkinson's disease at elevated levels. Manganese is known to block calcium channels and with chronic exposure results in CNS dopamine depletion.

Exposure to Manganese can happen in several ways:

  • Everyone is exposed to small amounts of manganese in air, water, and food.
  • Individuals who work in occupations that mine or use manganese are likely to be exposed to excess levels in their work environment.
  • People who improperly use pesticides such as maneb and mancozeb, may be exposed to excess levels.

The UK maximum contaminant level for manganese in tap water set by DWI/DEFRA is 50µg/l (0.05mg/l; 0.05ppm).

Suitable for: water, including water from taps, wells, springs, boreholes, ponds as well as rain water

How to Use:

1) Fill the supplied plastic vial with the water sample. Dip one test strip Mn1 into water sample for 20 seconds, then discard the strip. Repeat with Mn2 strip, remove the strip and then repeat with Mn3 strip.

2) Remove the last strip and shake once, briskly, to remove excess water.

3) Wait 3 minutes and match with closest colour on colour chart.

Contains: 24 strips

Sensitivity Levels: <0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 1.0, >1.6 ppm (mg/l)

Total Test time:  approx 6 minutes

Store in a cool, dry (below 27°C) place and away from excess heat.

Please note: Read Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) before use - included with each test. Keep away from children and pets. Avoid contact of test areas on strips with skin & eyes, do not ingest or expose to acids. This is a screening test and can not be used to certify water as safe or unsafe for drinking. This test kit provides approximate results ONLY when used in strict accordance with instructions. SimplexHealth expressly disclaims any liability resulting from the use of this product, failure to follow instructions, or reliance of test results. Wash hands before and after use. The contents of the kit should not come in contact with food or consumables. Once the test has been completed, dispose of it responsibly.

Made in USA

Ref: 481020 Stock Status: 1 Units in Stock Manufactured by: SenSafe

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