Ultra Soft Water Lab Testing

Here at SimplexHealth we have curated the following lab testing kits on behalf of Ultra Soft Water to provide an insight into the quality of your water, hand picked for customers with private water supplies such as boreholes and wells.

Arranging a laboratory analysis is very easy and our service includes everything required to carry out this analysis. Laboratory testing is available in 5 simple steps:

UKAS approved bacteria testing follows strict guidelines in terms of storage, test procedure and evaluation of results – giving peace of mind for every test result. Some companies might offer expedited results, but these might not comply with UKAS guidelines.

*The laboratory has been accredited by UKAS for bacteria analysis of potable as well as water from spa & pool.

A breakdown of the parameters for each test  can be found below.

12-in-1 Lab Test: Arsenic, Chloride, Coliform Bacteria/E.coli, Fluoride, Hardness, Iron, Magnesium, Manganese, Mercury, Nitrate, pH and Sulphate

27-in-1 Lab Test: Alkalinity, Aluminium, Ammonia, Calcium, Chemical Oxygen Demand, Free & Total Chlorine, Chloride, Colour, Conductivity, Copper, Total Hardness, Iron, Lead, Magnesium, Manganese, Nitrate, Nitrogen Dioxide, Odour, pH, Turbidity, Potassium, Sodium, Zinc, Coliform Bacteria/E.coli, Total Viable Count (TVC)

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