Guide to Alkaline Mineral Salts

According to some alkaline diet exports, the alkaline diet is very efficient at stopping acidification of the body. It does, however need the help of some core supplements to remove excess acids, which have been building up over many years. The acids, which have been building up in the deeper inner tissues, can be a big problem for people suffering from acidification. Sometimes they can be more problematic than the acids on the surface, like the ones in the bloodstream.

The body has 3 major organs, which help it to rid acids from the body: skin (sweat), lungs and kidney (urine). Each has its own way and restrictions when removing acids. Any acids, which can not be removed, are being stored in the deep layers of the tissues.  Years of following the wrong diet can cause a major build up of acids in the deeper tissues.

De-acidification can therefore require a large amount of acids to be removed. The acids need to travel to the skin and kidneys via the bloodstream before they can be removed. And this is where the challenge is, the bloodstream can only carry limited amounts of acids at any time, otherwise its pH balance my be disturbed too much.

The solution is the creation of a neutral salts, which is obtained by the addition of an alkaline substance (acid + alkaline = neutral). These additional alkaline substances can often not be obtained through foods of an alkaline diet alone. The answer are alkaline salts containing the principal alkaline minerals: calcium, potassium & magnesium.

When choosing effective alkaline salts, ensure that

  • they contain a mix of minerals, because the body needs a variety of minerals
  • they contain the core minerals, like potassium, magnesium & calcium offers a range of core minerals to neutralise acids in the body , which have been made using gentle methods to provide a natural product with the efficient results: Alkaline Minerals & Salts.

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