Watersafe City Water Test Kit 8-in-One

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5 out of 5 stars Wednesday 11 May, 2011 By Mike
Good bit of kit, part of my job is to do with public health (including water supplies) and so i know all the issues that can occur with water problems. My dog was getting ill and with some lead pipes in the house i wanted to eliminate this from the equation. The test kit was easy to use and gave results quickly, the results may not be as accurate as lab analysis and are open to user error but if used right i have no reason to suspect they don't give a good guide and peace of mind in this case as everything was well within the standards, if you found levels to be close to or exceeding standards i'd get the situation clarified with a proper sample and lab analysis to be sure. Standards for concentrations are US but if you want the UK ones just look at the back of the water quality regulations (they are pretty well comparable anyway). Delivery was as quick as it could have been too.