Water Full Range pH Test Strips 0-14 (100 strips)

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4 out of 5 stars Saturday 12 March, 2016 By Carl fellows
Basic test for water and other pH levels, it provides a wide range scale for readings, the colour could be a bit clearer but in general give a good base figure for working from.

The process for using these is simple as placing in your test substance for approx 30 sec and wait for the color or the strip to change where you can compare it to the basic guide on the box container, although it does not provide accurate readings it does give a good overall scale of the pH levels tested.

Improvement Possibilities – This section should in no way be thought of as negative, this is just ideas I had for possible future thoughts for developing the product further.

1. More accurate results scaling.

Overall Verdict – Basic but easy to use pH reading strips contained in a easy to store small plastic box.