Universal pH Litmus Paper Roll 0 - 14 (5 meter)

5 out of 5 stars Thursday 14 July, 2016 By COLIN
This product came well packaged and the day after ordering as promised. It is presented in retail quality very compact box on a roll.

I purchased this PH test to help me to keep track of my urine Ph levels whilst following a low carb diet and ketosis. It is beneficial for anyone to measure the Ph of there urine as this can indicate problems with your general health and wellbeing that may need to be investigated further.

I have never tested the Ph of my urine before so cannot compare to any other tests that I have had for accuracy. This 5 meter roll is housed in an easy to use plastic wheel, simply tear of a small portion of the strip for testing. The diagnostic paper is for testing acidty & alkaline levels & is ideal for a number of uses. Ideal for testing human urine, oral saliva sample or vaginal acid alkaline pH.

Overall, I am happy with this brand and would recommend!!!