SimplexHealth Water Bacteria Test with E.coli detection

5 out of 5 stars Sunday 18 December, 2016 By C Wilson
This is an excellent product at a very reasonable price. The test kit is easy to use but there are two points that are worth considering prior to purchase;

The test kit is based on a culture being developed over a period of time and the sample must be kept in a constant temperature environment of between 25-35 degrees celsius. The temperature dictates how long the culture needs to develop before the results are known. I kept my sample in a drying cupboard which is constantly at 30 deg C and took 36 hours before the results could be checked.

The second test for E Coli requires a UV light source so if you don't have one you can purchase this from Amazon for under £10.

All in all a very cheap and reliable test, if used exactly as per the instructions. Thankfully my water tested negative for both tests!