SimplexHealth Total Hardness Test Strips (50 strips)

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5 out of 5 stars Friday 14 July, 2017 By Alan
These test strips are easy to use and are definitely 100% reliable. I've been using them to test the hardness of drinking for several years and have repeat purchased them many times. I live in a motorhome and travel a small amount and have found that in some parts of Europe the water is very hard and furs up the plumbing and the hot water boiler. I have a portable water softener which needs a simple service as it's performance falls off. These strips allow me to see when it's needed. They are excellent.

During the time I've been using the strips I've also bought a few of the electronic ones. I've as of yet not found an electronic one that could give me anything like a reliable result. The three I've bought have been completely useless for my task.