pH Test Strips 4.5 - 9.0 (100 strips) for Urine & Saliva

5 out of 5 stars Tuesday 11 November, 2014 By Voodoo Dave
100 in the pack is a great amount, they work well, 2 squares on the strips and good enough to give you a visual reading of what your body is doing or where it is at.

for saliva dip in a spoon of saliva and then match up the 2 strip colours to the chart on the back of the strip box

for urine a 2 second burst or so then in and out of the stream with the strip wait 15 secs and then take a reading,i only take one reading but if you do one after the other the readings may be different because the content may be different.

the box lid is a serious tight fit i think it was designed to prevent water from leaking so get a crowbar to open it the first not push the lid all the way down just "nip it" then, when time to open, hold the main body in one hand, slowly gently wiggle the lid sides with the other hand, stops them flying out...for me at least :-)

these for me work very well, an very happy to recommend.