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New Simplex Health Hardness Test Strips. Click Here

Simplex Health Total Hardness test strips are perfect to test the Hardness of your water, they are ideal to check the performance of your water softener, for service work, classroom demonstrations, or to give to customers instead of an expensive service call. This full range test kit lets you measure hardness on a very wide range of 0ppm to 1000ppm (ppm = parts per million).

Get Fresh magazine

Winter 2012 Issue - Get Fresh magazine highlights the importance of healthy water. Read Carolins article to learn more about potential contaminants in your drinking water, top tips on how to look after the water in your home and what a change in colour, taste or smell of your water could mean.  This issue features the complete water testing kits.

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Cooler Innovation

April 2012 Issue - Cooler Innovation showcases the very best the water cooler industry industry has to offer, including the latest company news, product launches, expert views and in-​depth analysis of the issues affecting the cooler marketplace. In the April issue they featured the Watersafe All-In-One Test Kit.

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BBC News

18 April 2012

Drinking water improves exam grades, research

Students who take water into the examination hall may improve their grades, a study of 447 people found. Study, from the universities of East London and Westminster, also noted that older students were more likely to bring in water to exam halls. It says the findings have implications for exam policies on access to drinks.

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International World Water Day is held annually on 22 March as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.

New water quality test kits launched

Simplex Health has introduced two simple, cost-effective kits that will quickly determine the quality of either tap water or private water supplies. Celebrate World Water Day on March 22 by home testing your water supply

  • home-test kits will check for most common contaminants
  • test tap water, bottled water, private supplies like wells
  • celebrate World Water Day on March 22 by home testing
  • peace of mind for vulnerable groups like babies and the elderly
  • lab-quality results in just 10† minutes

SimplexHealth has introduced two simple, cost-effective water test kits that will quickly determine the quality of either tap water or private water supplies. Even with modern treatment facilities, water still poses a significant source of dangerous contaminants like chlorine, nitrates and bacteria and should be checked at least annually in both homes and businesses

Director of Simplex Health, Carolin says: "The Brits think nothing of avoiding tap water while abroad yet happily drink freely from home and work premises. And for the most part, that’s perfectly fine but lead from old pipes can leach into drinking water, for instance, and lead to systemic and development problems in both adults and children."

"And a report published in July 2011* by Defra revealed that one in four private water supplies like springs and wells were not fit for purpose, with 9.6 per cent of samples failing to comply with the EU Drinking Water Directive. And if this year’s drought forecast turns out to be accurate, a lot more people will be looking for alternative water supplies."

"Our kits test for the most common water contaminants. The Watersafe® 8-in-one kit tests urban/drinking water supplies while the Watersafe® 10-in-one kit tests private supplies like boreholes and groundwater. They retail at under £20 and £25 respectively," says Carolin.

Signs that water quality may be affected include blue/green stains in the sink, white spots on glasses, discoloured laundry, unusual smells/taste and recurrent incidents of gastroenteritis. Even knowing that water hardness is present can have beneficial consequences in that remedial action can be taken to prolong the life of domestic appliances.

Waterborne diseases and contaminants would have the greatest impact on vulnerable groups like pregnant and lactating women, babies and young children and the elderly but they can affect anyone.

"As we globally celebrate 'World Water Day' this month (March 22), it’s worth reminding people of the objectives of the 2010 campaign; to raise the profile of water quality by encouraging governments, organisations, communities, and individuals around the world to actively engage in proactively addressing water quality," reminds Carolin.

She says that water authorities and governments do a fantastic job of maintaining water supplies but contamination can happen between source and table so getting into the habit of regularly monitoring domestic/commercial tap water or drinking fountains in local communities is no bad thing. 

"If you spend over £100 a year/per person buying bottled water for drinking because you don’t like the taste or smell of your tap water it could be worth testing it for chlorine content. Just under £20 to test for that and other potential contaminants seems a great saving," suggests Carolin.

Both test kits can be purchased from SimplexHealth

† bacteria test takes 48 hours

* Source: