Hydrosense Smartphone Reader

The Hydrosense Legionella Test is now supported by a smartphone test reader app  which makes the entire Legionella testing one of the most complete in the world today.


This simple to use smartphone application provides additional benefits to our customers:

  • Reads the test better than a human eye
  • Instantly and accurately reads a 2D barcode present on the test
  • Returns to the user a score of “0” for no Legionella detected, or a Hazard Risk value of “1 – 10” depending on the strength of the Legionella found.
  • Offers a function to produce conformance reports from the stored data

  • Records date and time, user, test location and result information
  • Offers simple, fast connectivity to a secure Hydrosense pro portal for the real time tracking and monitoring of results & associated data