Which Water Test Kit?

Looking for the right Water Test Kit for you? There are two main options to choose from:

  • For the occasional user or one-off tests, our simple to use Dip-Wait-Read Test Strips are ideal --> see option 1) and option 2)
  • For someone who carries out water tests regularly, these practical and precise digital water testers are perfect --> see option 3)

1) Multi-pack options

We offer a range of multi-packs, the kits vary in content, please see the table below for details. These simple, affordable one-of-a-kind kits test are ideal to screen water samples for many different elements. These can include up to 12 of the most common and potentially hazardous contaminants found in drinking water e.g Bacteria, Lead, Pesticides, Nitrates, Nitrites, Chlorine, pH and Hardness. Fast & accurate results are available on the spot.

  • A simple and effective way to test your drinking water for up to 12 different water contaminants
  • A simple way of checking the performance of new water purification or water filter systems before and after-installation
  • Suitable for regular (annual) performance checks for home water purification and filter systems
  • Useful when problems with water have been detected, ie. through smells or discolouration
  • Able to provide quick results without having to wait for days
  • A reliable initial indication about a potential contamination as well as an indication of the level of it - in your home

The type of water testing kit, which is required, depends on what water should be tested and if there is any suspected contamination (also see Unusual colours, smells and taste of your water). All of the kits below are suitable for fresh & potable water, this includes water from taps, springs, aquariums, lakes, ponds, streams, wells, boreholes, puddles and leaks as well as water stored in tanks. Click here to view our list of potential contaminants/elements in water.

The most comprehensive packs are the 12-in-One and Watersafe Well Water Test - all are very suitable for an overall check especially water from wells, springs and boreholes. All of these as well as the Watersafe City Water Test water test are ideal to test tap water.

Please see the list of multi-pack options in the table below. For Pool & Spa testing please click here.

  12-in-One Watersafe Well Water Test Watersafe City Water Test 6-in-One  5-in-One City 5-in-One 3-in-One
Price for 1 kit £29.99 £29.99 £25.99 £7.99 £15.99 £14.99/£4.99 £4.99
Lead   1 test 1 test        
Pesticides   1 test 1 test        
Bacteria 1 test 1 test 1 test        
Nitrate 2 tests 1 test 1 test 2 tests   25 tests/5 tests  
Nitrite 2 tests 1 test 1 test 2 tests   25 tests/5 tests  
Hardness 2 tests 1 test 1 test 2 tests 50 tests 25 tests/5 tests 5 tests
Total Chlorine 2 tests 1 test 1 test   50 tests    
Free Chlorine 2 tests       50 tests    
pH 2 tests 1 test 1 test 2 tests 50 tests 25 tests/5 tests 5 tests
Total Alkalinity 2 tests     2 tests 50 tests 25 tests/5 tests 5 tests
Iron 2 tests 1 test   2 tests      
Copper 2 tests 1 test          
Sulphate 2 tests            
Hydrogen Sulphide 2 tests            
Click to buy: 12-in-One Well Test City Test 6-in-One 5-in-One City 5-in-One / 5-in-One 3-in-One

For the full range of water test kits click here.


2)  Water Test Kits for a single contaminant

Enables users to identify levels or precence of a single contaminant in drinking water with instant results.

For Pool & Spa testing please click here.

For the full range of water test kits click here.

3)  Digital Water Test Kits for single & multiple tests

These easy-to-use photometers do not need calibrating and have a manufacturers warranty of 2 years. These handy devices deliver fast and accurate results; and are surprisingly easy to use in 3 simple steps:

  1. Fill the compartment with a small amount of your water sample.
  2. Dip the test strip or fluid into it.
  3. Read the result on the display.

Available in the following models: Micro 20, iDip & eXact EZ

The eXact® Micro 20 Bluetooth:

  • A great alternative to water testing strips for users who want more accurate results (displayed in steps of either 1 or 0.01 - depending on contaminant)
  • Tests for over 30 different elements, including total alkalinity, free chlorine, total chlorine, copper, total hardness, nitrate, nitrite, pH, total iron, bromine
  • A testing device for contaminants which can not be tested with traditional test strips. This includes fluoride, aluminium, ammonia, cyanide and manganese
  • Using Bluetooth connectivity, results can be downloaded to a smart device (Apple or Android)

The eXact iDip® with Bluetooth:

  • A great alternative to water testing strips for users who want more accurate results (displayed in steps of either 1 or 0.01 - depending on contaminant)
  • Tests for more than 30 different elements
  • The iDip offers great value for money as it can be personalised to each users requirements. Each photometer comes with 4 tests pre-installed including pH, Free Chlorine, Combined Chlorine and Total Alkalinity. Other tests can be downloaded via an in-app purchase. This is a one-off cost, once a test has been downloaded onto your smart device from the app-store it can be used indefinitely.
  • The test results are displayed on each iDip therefore a smart device is required for testing. Using Bluetooth connectivity, all results are downloaded to a smart device (Apple or Android).

The eXact EZ:

  • This photometer is ideal for customers, who test the water in their water regularly and want quick and accurate results.
  • The test results are displayed on the photometer, therefore a smart device is not required.
  • The eXact EZ comes in different versions: for Well WaterChlorine +, Pool & Spa

For the full range of digital water testers click here.

4) Water Test Kits by Use:


Further Free Resources:

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There are strict standards for the quality of drinking water within Europe mainly laid down in the EU Drinking Water Directive (98/83/EC). These are based on advice from the World Health Organisation (WHO).