How Imutest Allergy Tests Work:

You can use these unique tests to test yourself and your family for an allergy in just 30 minutes. They are simple to use, just follow these steps:

1. Prick finger with the disposable lancet provided

Twist and remove the blue protective cover, place the white end against your fingertip and press the lancet gently until it clicks.


2. Use the blood collection tube to collect a blood sample

Massage the finger towards the fingertip to form a hanging drop of blood; place the tube horizontally onto the drop of blood and let it automatically fill up to the mark.

3. Place blood sample onto the absorbent pad in the smaller well

Place the end of the tip into the bottom of the smaller well (blood drop symbol); the blood will absorb into the pad.


4. Pour Developer Solution into the test device; wait 15 minutes

Remove the screw cap of the (pale blue coloured) Developer Solution and add the contents to the larger, unmarked well.

5. Activate the test result by pulling the blue slider completely out

After fifteen minutes, pull out the blue slider, which allows a red-coloured visualising reagent to flow across the test window.


6. 15 minutes after pulling the slider, read your result

One or more result lines will appear adjacent to the symbols on the Imutest device. Consult the Instructions For Use to determine the status of your Imutest result.


Simple allergy testing in only 30 minutes using Imutest!