eXact iDip Photometer Smart Brew (Beer Brewing)

Test Smarter, Brew Better using the Smart Brew® Kits for Water Quality Testing!

In the world of craft brewing, water is an essential ingredient to making a quality tasting beer. The new Smart Brew™ Water Testing Kit is the perfect tool to properly begin the brewing process. The Smart Brew® Kits incorporate a revolutionary photometer system that integrates 2–way wireless communication with a smart device. The multilingual app is the brain of the system which allows limitless possibilities including lab accuracy, free upgrades, mobile sharing, and more.

The eXact iDip® app comes with 4 tests installed including pH, Free Chlorine, Combined Chlorine (Chloramines) and Total Alkalinity. Over 35 additional parameters are available for in-app purchase (from £4.95/ea), so you can tailor the eXact iDip® Smart Photometer System® to suit your needs at a fraction of the cost of competing photometers. The simple and quick 20-second testing procedure takes the guesswork out of results. It’s like having a laboratory in the palm of your hand.

The Smart Brew® Water Testing Kit comes in two versions and includes reagents for testing: Total Alkalinity, Chloride, Calcium Hardness, pH, Sulfate, Residual Alkalinity*, Magnesium Hardness*, Sodium*(*The first meter designed for the craft brew market that directly calculates these values with no math or calculations required.) Over 35 additional parameters available.

The Smart Brew®Advanced Kit includes the Jenco pH & temperature meter which tests: Water, Mash, and Wort

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