What our customers are saying about us...

"As a company we trust and highly recommend simplex health as our supplier of water quality screening kits. We have used them in excess of a hundred times and never once had any issues. products = great. customer service = excellent!"
ATW Environmental Services Limited

"Simple to use and gave peace of mind that water was clean. Price was very good for product and it had all the instructions you need to test your water". T Brown

"Excellent item, I was able to put our minds at rest with this easy to use kit for testing my pH".Jon Roberts

"Great to see a good precise range for pH water testing....."K.Lendenka

"Work really well thanks, easy to use water test kit, did the job".O.Sanders

"I have tested my tap water and also bottled water that I usually buy from the local store to see if the water that I drink it's OK. And surprisely it is, the water turned green! PH=neutral ".Em

"Quick and efficient service from Simplex Health. I love these easy to use test strips which are fantastic quality. I will be re-ordering! The photo is the ph level of coke!!! Fantastic to check quickly and effected what exactly what the ph level is of any liquid. ".Amanda

"These were great pH WaterTest Strips, simple and easy to use. Very basic but only needed for soap testing."H.Brown